how to make money on twitter

How To Make Money On Twitter: 9 Easy Ways For The Creative Mind

Do you want to learn how to make money on Twitter?
Of course! Who wouldn’t, right?

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to start making serious cash.

Here’s what you should do to be able to walk up to your boss and tell him you’re leaving and you’re never coming back.

Build a Following

The first thing you should know is how to get followers on Twitter.

You must know how to connect with others as well as what you should do to have an inviting profile.

You can’t tweet at a wall and expect to get followers. That may have worked in the past but now, it’s all about engaging with others.

I made a post about how to get Twitter followers and monetize it last time and it is a good start!

In this post, I’ll dissect the top three products that teach you about Twitter.

Two of them is on how to get followers and the third is on how to tweet.

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Create eBooks and Courses

When you have built a good following of a couple of thousand, it’s time to release an e-Book or a course.

What you should make it about is up to you, but the key is to make it very valuable.

To be able to sell your products you need to have a good reputation and a loyal follower base. You must give them more value than you promote your product.

If your followers feel like you’re not giving them any value for free and instead only try to sell your product, they will be gone in no time.

For that reason, you want to have more than one channel to promote on. An email list is the best way to do that outside of Twitter. But more on that later!

There are many great products that teaches you how to write eBooks. I will be doing a shorter coverage of this too but in the meantime, you can check out this one:

Write Your Ebook In 7 Days
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This is my favorite e-book on how to write good e-books. It covers everything you need to get started writing information products!

Build Email Lists

When selling your own product or affiliating you need to have an email list. This is another platform you can sell on that is unlike any other. Email marketing is the best spent dollar for dollar ratio you can find.

Email marketing is much broader than what we’ll talk about in this post. Now it’s about Twitter.

Here’s the two best products (that we’ve found) on email marketing and our thought of them:

Email Marketing

Now Back to what you do with your email list with twitter.

Your list should be in your bio to let all those who come to your profile have a chance to sign up.

Most preferably you should have a lead magnet. That is the gift you give in return for their email address. It can be a free product you’ve created.

For best results, it should be a product that usually is a paying product, that you are now give away for free.

When you got their email address you can start building a relationship with them. A good ratio is 1/3 emails is asking for a sale. It could be both your own and an affiliate product.

Never start spamming emails or promote crap products. The subscribers will stop opening your emails. This will cause you to go to spam folder instead.

To avoid spam folder, you should have some engagement with your subscribers. Make sure to ask questions that some will answer.

You should also ask them to whitelist you. Send them a GIF or a video showing how to do it.

How often you should send them emails is up to you but from my experience 2-4 times a week is the best.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t want to create a product of your own, you can sell other people’s products. This is called “Affiliate Marketing”. This means that you promote and sell a product or service that you had no hand in creating.

How you want to display the products is usually up to you. This put you in the position to be fully responsible for your income.

If you’re good at promoting (right platform, right copy, right audience, etc…) then there is no limit in how much you can earn.

Creators usually want you to have finished their product yourself before affiliating for it.

That way you can tell your audience what you really think of it as well as if you already have gotten results.

You get a link that is your personal link to the product or service. When others buy from that link you will get a commission. The commission is vastly different depending on what type of product it is.

Information-products work best on Twitter. For those you usually get a commission of 30-75%. Normal is 50%.

Never Affiliate for a product you don’t believe in 100%. This is crucial!

It takes a long time to build a reputation and a loyal base of followers. If you promote a bad product, you could lose all that. It’s not worth it!

No matter how much money you get from the sales.

Here’s a FREE guide to learn some more!

How To Make Money On Twitter
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Sell Services – Visuals, RT, Sales Letter, Websites, Memberships

Rendering service to others is a craft that has been around as long as man. But rendering services on Twitter is a bit different. There are some services that are better fitted than others.

What you are good at, or what you can learn, is what you should focus on.

For instance, if you are good at visual arts, then you can create banners, logos, profilepics, etc…

If you are a good writer then you can learn persuasion and help crafting sales letters to creators.

If you know how to make websites, then you can sell websites to them as well.

To show you a bit more in detail, I’ll explain a bit more on them.


To build a following on Twitter you need to have a good-looking profile. To have that you need a good banner and a good profilepic. Most people can’t create this themselves and will pay to have someone create it for them.

This is where you step in and show what you can do. What program you’re working in doesn’t really matter. You work in the program where you make the best designs, whether that be PS, InDesign, Canva, Gimp, etc…

Now that you create beautiful pictures you should show them to your followers on Twitter. When you’re in this part of twitter, there is always people who’s trying to grow and need your services.

There are a few accounts that do this successfully already and you should study them to learn what you should do.

Selling RTs

This is against Twitter rules, but it is still being used every day. After you have gained a big number of followers that trust you, you can start with this.

What you do is simple. You RT other people’s account for money. This could be a one-time thing, or it can be a longer period. How you want to handle it is up to you and the person paying for this service.

I would recommend talking outside of twitter to make the proper arrangements for this.

Write Sales Letters

Many products are simply stating what the product is about instead of what you can achieve once you follow the guide. This is a great mistake to do.

To sell your product or service you need a proper sales letter.

This is not something anybody without the right knowledge can do.

To write a good letter you need to understand copywriting and persuasion.

Whenever you are looking for something to buy, your feelings are what makes the decision to buy or not to buy.

Because of this, a sales letter must speak to the readers feelings. It must create a feeling of trust and a deep need to get the results promised.

I’m not doing a deep dive in copywriting because that would be a post of its own. Instead I’ll give some formulas that will give you a brief understanding. Plus, the knowledge or where to look.

When copywriting you should follow the PASTOR formula

  • P: Person, Pain, Problem
  • A: Amplification and Aspiration
  • S: Story and Solution
  • T: Transformation and testimony
  • O: Offer
  • R: Response

At the same time, the pastor formula should also be in correlation with AIDA(S)

  • A: Attention
  • I: Interest
  • D: Desire
  • A: Action

I also put the (S) in there even though most don’t think of it.

When you have targeted the right audience and have a killer product, like you should, the S comes into play.

S: Satisfaction

This will ensure the buyer to keep buying from you in the future.

When you have this skill, finding jobs is quite easy. You can write to all those creators who don’t have a sales letter yet and show them what you can/have created instead.

There’re especially many jobs of this sort to find on Twitter. That’s because everyone wants to be the top creator of their niche and the competition is hard.

Any way you can make their product stand out in a good way is likely to lead to a sale of your service.

PS, this skill is probably one of the most rewarding skills you can have.

Build Websites

On Twitter there’s a lot of people trying to build their own personal brand. A way to stand out is to have your own website.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to create one.

Fortunately for you, most people don’t know how to create one.

If you have a good eye for building websites and can make them look good, be user friendly and be optimized with high speed, then you can make money.

This is a skill that you can take outside of twitter as well. It might even work better outside of Twitter. But it’s a skill to make money on Twitter, nonetheless.

If you already know how to build websites, then this doesn’t need that much of explanation.

But if you don’t, here’s a few tips.

Learn Elementor or any of the other “drag-and-drop” site builders. This way you don’t have to learn how to code and the learning curve goes down significantly!

I use Elementor on this site and I highly recommend it for its usability.

Get the pro version if you’re going to build for others. It will make it much easier and with a lot of cool widgets.

If you’re unsure of how much you’re going to sell, then start with the single license. You can upgrade at any time.

Because I love Elementor, I am a proud affiliate. When you’ve used it, then you will be too.

This link is an affiliate link which means I will receive 50% of the price. If you don’t want to support this site, you can type in “Elementor” in google and you’ll find it yourself.

After you’ve built the site you need to optimize it! I use “Asset CleanUp Pro” for this.

Use pages like and to understand what you need to optimize. Then fix it in the plugin. Don’t forget about the bloat.

When I’ve found a course that teach you how to optimize like this, I’ll share it with you! But for now, testing is the way to go.

If I don’t find a course like this, I’ll make it a post instead.

Now you have a complete website that is optimized and ready. This could be your template for a lot of coming sites if you don’t want to make new ones all the time.

Create or Affiliate for Membership Products

This is a rather new thing on Twitter. TAC(Link) was the first, I believe. It came this year.

This is a platform that you pay to get in on and once you’re in you have a lot of amazing content at your hands.

Other than creating a platform you can create a newsletter, an app, membership on a website, etc… The content should be only for those who has payed to get in and can be both monthly and a one-time payment.

This is a great opportunity if you got the right idea and will bring a whole new lifestyle if done correctly.

If you set a price of $10/month and get:

100 members = $1000 extra each month.

500 members = $5000

1000 members = $10 000

This could scale quickly because almost everyone can afford $10 per month.

What you should focus on is entirely up to you but make sure that people want to be a part of it. You’ll probably not receive many subscribers for a newsletter about dogs at $5/month.

You need to solve a problem or give extra value to make it big.

To take the dog example again. Maybe there’s a need of some sort of dog club where you do activities together and share your knowledge. There’re most certain people willing to pay $5/ month to be a part of this exclusive club.

You could start a group that focuses on helping newcomers of your city to find friends and learn the city. Now you can take them on guided tours of the city to show what they need to know and bring them together. This way they can learn about the city and make friends at the same time.

If you’re in a new city and don’t know anybody, wouldn’t you be willing to pay $10-20 a month for this?

Just make sure you live in a big city with lots of new arrivals every month.

The possibilities are endless with this type of communities.

There are many other forms of services you can render but this is the most used ones.

Build Bots

Having bots are becoming more and more common. You can create a bot that is acting on its own or a bot that has automated tweets.

The latter is the easiest. Using HypeFury you can now schedule your tweets so that you don’t have to spend all day on Twitter. With automated scheduled tweets you can start bots that will tweet and promote for you. They can display your affiliate links or your own product or service.

This way you have an account that you don’t even log in to that is making you money. A great example of making money while you sleep.

To have fully automated bots you need to create a account. They have the most advanced tools so you can do exactly what you want.

Remember that Twitter doesn’t like bot accounts and they will likely delete them if they find them. Using a VPN is a good idea if you have many accounts. You want to do that in case you get IP banned.

So, how to make money on twitter?

  • Build a Following
  • Create eBooks and Courses
  • Build Email Lists
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Services – Visuals, RT, Sales Letter, Websites, Memberships
  • Build Bots

Some of you may have thought that you can do all of these at the same time.
You Can!
Any one of these is a goldmine, but if you do it together in the right way, You’ll never have to work a 9-5 again.

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Are you’re looking to make money outside of twitter as well?

Then this FREE guide is for you!

How To Make Money On Twitter

If you have any questions or inputs, post them below!

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