Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recieve more information about a product?

Yes, Just contact us if you are unsure of anything or need additional information.

How can you ensure that the products are good?

We have read/watched all of the products to make sure that they’re a high quality product that meets our criterias. 
These are not random products, They are handpicked and from trustworthy creators.

We have declined almost as many products as there are displayed on the site.

How do I know if the product is right for me?

We have done our best to give a good description on every product to make sure that you know what you’re getting.

We will also do our very best to help you find the right products. If you are unsure what will be the best fit for you, you’re able to reach out to us and ask us to help you.

Do you offer refunds if I don't like the product?

Almost every product on this site offer money back for 30 days.
If yours does not then contact me and I’ll let them know why it’s in their best interest to  have happy costumers!

Where do I turn if there is trouble with the payment?

You will have to reach out to the website where you bought the product from.

If you bought from Gumroad then you will have to contact them. 

How can I get my products displayed on this site?

You need to contact us.
The best way is to send us an Email and let us know what you have created.
We will then read/watch the product to make sure that it is something that will actually work.
If there is some prior results from people who has used the knowledge before then we would like to see some proof of real results or testimonials.

If we feel that your product is real and doable we will put it up on our site.

Can I know about a product that is not on the site?

It might not be here because it has been denied to be displayed.
Or it could be one of the 100+ products in queue waiting to be reviewed.
The best thing to do is reach out and ask about it. It could be the next product in queue.

How does the payment work?

You’re not paying on this site. This is strictly a way for you to see which products we recommend buying.

When you want to buy a product you will be directed to the site where the creator have uploaded the product.

How can I trust that you actually give me good advice?

It is always hard to give advice that will fit everyone. Almost impossible even. 
We will do our best to make sure that everyone that goes through this page is happy with what they bought.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied then you may contact us and we can help you figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Who are you to give advice on what is good?

Behind this website is a team with a variety of educational backgrounds. We are educated in Marketing, Economics, Programming, Communication and Media. We are also passionate about learning and growing and have bought many courses and e-books ourselves before launching this site.

How can you help me choose the right product for me?

When you don’t know which product to choose you can contact us for guidence and we will help you out.

We ask the right questions to get an idea of what you seek and  really want.

We will also make sure that you have the right qualities to be able to do the work requrired for the products.

After narrowing it down to just a few products we recommend the one that we think will fit the best.

Do you get payed?

Yes we do. This site is an affiliate site. This means that I get a comission of the sale. This is of no extra cost to you, of course. 

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