Affiliate Site Empire – A Complete Traffic & Monetization System

Affiliate Site Empire is the ultimate course for building affiliate websites.
With these techniques you will have a site up and running in a few days!

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What we think of Affiliate Site Empire – A Complete Traffic & Monetization System:

This review is of the Community version. That’s the best one and it costs a little extra. It’s worth it though!

This is a course that is mixed with both video and PDF.

Included are: 

  • 12 PDF – 238 pages
  • 23 videos – 208 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Life-time Discord channel
  • All future products released by James

So this is really an increadible course with a lot of value to those looking to start building affiliate websites or already doing it.

But even I learned a lot about how to handle this website.

What is Affiliate Site Empire about? 

When buying the Community version, you get 2 seperate courses. The first one being about how to build a website and the second is how to make money with it.
I’ll explain it a bit more.

Affiliate Site Secret Sauce is the first course. It’s a guide on how to build affiliate sites easy.


Affiliate Site Secret Sauce
Affiliate Site Secret Sauce

If you haven’t built websites before, Affiliate Site Secret Sauce will walk you through the process of getting your beautiful site live quickly.

Here’s the video titles from the first course:

Secret Sauce – 1. Changing Nameservers

Secret Sauce – 2. Installing Wordpress

Secret Sauce – 3. Theme Walkthrough 

Secret Sauce – 4. Build a Site in a Day

Secret Sauce – 5. Plugins 

Secret Sauce – 6. Free Business Email

Secret Sauce – 7. Setup Analytics and Search Console

Secret Sauce – 8. Rank Math SEO Settings

Secret Sauce – 9. My Favorite Keyword Tool


What this course is about needs no further explanation because it’s pretty clear from the titles of the videos.  


The second course is a bit more complicated.
This is what’s included:

  • Empire – 1. Hard Silo –
    Why you should use the 3 page silo structure
  • Empire – 2. Virtual Silo –
    Why James don’t love it even though most websites use it.
  • Empire – 3. Reverse Silo –
    What 3 pieces of supporting pages every money page must have.
  • Empire – 4. Frankensilo –
    own Silo. A mix of Hard- &  Reverse Silo plus new 2 additional pages.
  • Empire – 5. Internal Redirects –
    How James uses 301 with Rankmath
  • Empire – 6. Silo Hub Pages –
    How to set up the Silo hub page that links to the money pages
  • Empire – 7. FAQ Schema –
    How to create an FAQ snippet (Brilliant!)
  • Empire – 8. Initial Keyword Research –
    How to use Keywords Atlas, Ahrefs and Google to do keyword research. Plus structuring them with excel.
  • Empire – 9. Competitor Keyword Research –
    How to spot what keywords you can rank higher than the competition in.
  • Empire – 10. Smash and Grab –
    How to get other websites to link to you instead of an competitor.
  • Empire – 11. Resource Page Backlinks – How to find pages that could give you a backlink for free.
  • Empire – 12. HARO Link Building –
    How to get publicized by reporters by answering their questions.
  • Empire -13. Skyscraper Link Building –
    How to choose who you want to take backlinks from and how to get them by having better content.
  • Empire – 14. Competitor Backlink Analysis – Understand what kind of backlinks you need and how many to be able to outrank the competition. Also a sneakpeak into James excel sheets to see how he structures links.  

 This course is what shows you exactly how to make money from your sites.

This is for those who want:

– The freedom of choosing when and how much to work
– To sell products without having any inventory
– To make money from other peoples ideas
– To make money with a low startup cost
– A scalable buisness model
– A sustainable income
– Freedom of location
– To build websites

Let’s head over to see what all those PDFs is about.

The first and biggest one is Affiliate Site Secret Sauce 2.0.
It’s a 62 page long pdf that is a bit of an extension to the video course with the same name.
There’s some information that is the same but there’s also new information.

One of the toughest parts of starting an affiliate website is choosing your niche.
So, in 45 Profitable Niche Ideas you get a compiled list of
pre-vetted niches that you can start building an affiliate site
around today.

Overview of My Process is a 9 page pdf that explains why James does what he does and what it would cost for you to do the same.

Site Structure Blueprint explains what the different silos are and how many words each should have.

Keyword Blueprin
t is the detailed PDF on how to choose and search for keywords. James technique seems to be backwords at first but when you understand it, it makes so much more sense. It’s also way easier than how most others do keyword research.


Content Blueprint is 20 pages explaining how to structure your content. That includes the following chapters:

  • Recommended Optimization Tools 
  • Timing
    • The Seeding Phase
    • the Seeding Phase
  • On-Page SEO
    • Interlinking
    • Headings
    • Body Content
    • Outbound Links
    • Images
    • URL
    • Title Meta
    • Meta Description
  • Optimization 
  • Outsourcing Content 
  • Writing Yourself 
  • Content Briefs 
  • Notes on Content 
    • Money Pages
    • Outreach Articles
    • People Also Ask
    • Silo Hub Page
    • Stats Page
  • Trusted Content Agencies 

Backlink Blueprint is really what it claims. The blueprint for backlinks. Easy, understandable and detailed. It shows you what you need to do and what type of links to focus on at which time.

Digital Product Blueprint tells you when and how you should add digital products to your site. There’s also infomation on what plugins you should use for best functionallity.

Display Ads Blueprint. 9 pages on why and how you should use ads on your site.

Email Marketing Blueprint is 12 pages of why you should have a list and then some tips.

Pinterest Blueprint is a 19 page short guide on Pinterest. It includes the following chapters:

  • Recommended Tools 
  • Overview 
  • Pinterest Traffic 
    • Home Feed (Social)
    • Search
  • Getting Started 
    • 1. Setup Pinterest Business Account
    • 2. Create your Profile
      • Keyword Research
      • Creating Boards
      • Naming Boards
    • 3. Pin Covers
    • 4. Pin Titles and Descriptions
    • 5. Pin Scheduling
  • Fresh Content 
  • Force Pinning 
    • Hover Button
    • Repin ID
  • Group Boards
  • Tailwind Tribes 

Now let’s talk about the Discord chat. 

You get full access to all these channels when you sign up. There’s no free channels. That means everybody in this group pays to be there.

Affiliate Site Empire - A Complete Traffic & Monetization System
Affiliate Site Empire – A Complete Traffic & Monetization System

I asked the group what they think is good and if they have anything that could improve, and I got some replies.
Here’s what they said:

Affiliate Time Machine - Private Discord Community


Affiliate Time Machine - Private Discord Community

Affiliate Time Machine - Private Discord Community

The group has been live for almost a month and has now 40 members (12 December 2020)

There’s at least $200 in give aways and contests monthly.

You’ll also be invited to their engagement group on Twitter if you’d like.
In this group there’s 12 people out of the 40 from the Discord channel. (12 December 2020)

When you’re buying the community version, you’ll also be able to get a 70% affiliate commission.


James has been building and running affiliate sites since the start of 2018.

He started building a site as a hobby…a side hustle actually.

It took thousands of hours and mistakes to make it into a success.

But then the money came rolling in and he realized

He needed to create many sites, not just one!


James now makes a full-time living from his affiliate sites.

You can too!

Click the image below to see what people think of this course as well as the products description.


Affiliate Site Empire - A Complete Traffic & Monetization System
Affiliate Site Empire – A Complete Traffic & Monetization System
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Both of these are included in Affiliate Site Empire – A Complete Traffic & Monetization System but will also come later as seperate products here