Freelance Writing For Beginners


What we think of Freelance Writing For Beginners:

This is a really good guide on how to start freelance writing!
It’s almost as the author is holding your hand and guiding you through all lessons she has learned while doing this herself.

When you’re done reading you’ll feel confident and capable to do this on your own. You’ll know where to turn for the different stages you’re in as well as how to get in touch with clients.

The book is divided into four books:

  • Introduction
  • Before you start writing
  • Finding work
  • Doing the work
    + Many bonuses


The bonuses are:

  • Writing samples for job ads
  • Self-editing checklist
  • Freelance writing contract template
  • Freelance writer website checklist (Yes you’ll also learn how to make your own website)
  • Email pitch templates for:
    Response to Job Ad
    Letter of Introduction (LOI)
    Guest Post Pitch
    Cold Email Pitch


The text is written in a way that you can tell there’s confidence behind the words. She knows what she’s talking about and she’s able to teach it with humor.

Ultimately this is everything you need to start your carrer in freelance writing plus some helpful tips and tools.



Freelance writing is the BEST way to make money from anywhere in the world using just your laptop.



  • You can do it from anywhere
  • You can start with zero investment
  • You don’t need any experience
  • You don’t need fancy equipment
  • You can take on as much or as little work as you like
  • You already have all the skills you need

The myth that you need contacts, or a degree, or writing experience is just that. A myth.

And I’m living proof of it.

I’ve been writing for money from wherever in the world I happen to be for almost a year. I don’t have connections or qualifications and until putting my writing samples together, had barely written a word since leaving school.

Because the truth is this:

  • If you can read and write at a 4th grade (10-11 years old) level
  • If you have a computer and access to the internet
  • If you can use a bog-standard spelling and grammar checker

Then you too can make money as a freelance writer.

This guide will show exactly how to get going and includes advice and information on everything from choosing a niche to setting your rates; from where to look for work to pitching clients successfully.


  • What does the guide cover?

    • An introduction to the different types of freelance writing
    • Why Freelance Writing is the best online business for beginners
    • Can you be a freelance writer if you’re a non-native English speaker?
    • An overview of what you’ll need before you get started
    • Choosing a profitable niche, identifying your target clients
    • Getting professional: launching your website, writing samples, setting rates
    • Putting yourself out there: LinkedIn, Upwork, and Contently
    • 18 strategies for finding your first paid writing gig
    • Finding clients: cold email pitches, guest posting, LinkedIn
    • Tips on how to write articles, blog posts and guest posts
    • Advice on how to write for a living, establishing writing routines and maintaining momentum

    Also includes:

    • A list of 36 useful resources and tools every freelance writer needs
    • 4 proven email pitch templates
    • A downloadable Freelancer Contract Template
    • How to Write Samples for Job Ads (Checklist)
    • The Freelance Writer’s Ultimate Self-Editing Checklist
    • Everything Your Freelance Writer Website Needs Checklist

    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    If you don’t win any work within 30 days of buying this ebook, I’ll send you a full refund. Just send me an email or a DM on Twitter with…See Full Description by pressing the image below.


Freelance Writing For Beginners


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