Fullstack Node.js: The Complete Guide to Building Production Apps with Node.js


What we think of Fullstack Node.js: The Complete Guide to Building Production Apps with Node.js

Learn to build production apps and more with Fullstack Node.js: The Complete Guide!

Node.js is a great choice for any task or project where one would typically use a dynamic language like Python, PHP, Perl, or Ruby. Node.js particularly shines when used for:
• distributed systems,
• command-line tools, and
• cross-platform desktop applications.

You’ll learn how to:
Make your first Node API
Build a complete server API
Use MongoDB and what to do before transfering data
Restricting access to private endpoints
Get your API live with different options
Build and use CLI
Make changes when the app is live
Do asynchronous execution


To be able to understand this book you need to know HTML and JavaScript.
See How to Become a Web Developer: A Field Guide if you don’t!


What’s in the book

Fullstack Node.js contains everything you need to learn to create fast, production Node.js code. Including:

1 How to create high-performance API servers in Node

2 How to leverage Node’s async capabilities for maximum performance

3 Community conventions for organize Node.js code

4 Storing data in a database and exposing it via an API

5 When Node.js is the best choice (and when it’s not)

6 How to accept huge file uploads

7 How to implement authentication for users and protected routes

8 How to deploy your app for the world to use

9 How to create command-line interfaces and tools

10 How to test Node.js Applications

The author of the book is David Guttman.

Here’s what you should know about David:

He’s run JS.LA for 8 years (It’s one of the largest JavaScript Meetup groups)

He’s on the Official Node.js Mentorship Team

He runs the NodeSchool Los Angeles Chapter

…and he’s built production Node servers that handle 10 billion+ requests per day


In Fullstack Node.js, David shares with you his code structure, practices, and styles so that you can build your own high-performance Node.js servers.

Includes completed example code for every chapter in the book.

Learn how to create Node.js applications from the team that create Fullstack React, Fullstack D3, and ng-book.

Chapters: 8 // Pages: 320+

Table of Contents:

– Your First Node API

– Async in JavaScript and Node.js

– A Complete Server: Getting Started

– A Complete Server: Persistence

– Authentication: Securing Your Node.js App

– Deploying a Node.js Server

– Command Line Interfaces

– Testing


I’m wondering…

What happens after I buy the book?

You’ll be able to download the book and source code after checkout. You’ll also receive an email from Gumroad giving you instructions on how to download it at any time.

How long is the book?

The book has 8 chapters totaling about 320+ pages.

Is the book complete?

Yes. The book is complete, though we still will make updates and occasionally add content.

Do I have to know JavaScript?

Yes, we assume you know the basics of programming in JavaScript. However, you don’t have to be a JavaScript expert – we walk through every line of code.

Are there free updates?

Yes! Buying now entitles you to free updates for at least one year after purchase

How do I download the book and updates?

If you’ve purchased the book, you can download it from your Gumroad library.

How up to date is the book?

The book is up to date with the latest version of Node

What format is the book?

The book is in PDF, Epub, and Mobi format. It also comes with a large folder of example code

What if I don’t like it?

If you’re unhappy with the book for any reason, just reach out to us and we’ll give you a full refund. There’s no risk.See Product by pressing the image below.


Fullstack Node.js: The Complete Guide to Building Production Apps with Node.js

If you need more basic knowledge, it can be found here.


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