Make Them Convert: The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter

Make Them Convert is THE course for improving your FB ads. It teaches you to persuade your audience into becoming customers, no matter where on the market awareness scale they are.

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What We Think of Make Them Convert: The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter:


Make Them Convert is a fantastic course on how to use the power of words to sell more products. This course is related to Facebook Ads but the lessons learned about copywriting can be applied anywhere.

Included in this course is the following chapters:

  1. Fundamentals
    1. The Offer +Market Research Document
    2. Understanding Your Offer
      1. Features vs Benefits
    3. Market Research
      1. Creating Your Customer Avatar
      2. Where To Find Your Market
      3. Market Awareness
      4. Market Sophistication
      5. Competitive Research
  2. The Copywriting Manual
    1. What You Need To Know About Copywriting
      1. What Is Copywriting?
      2. Who Writes The Copy And Who Is It For?
      3. Where Is It Found?
      4. How Is It Different From Other Forms Of Writing?
      5. Why Is Copywriting Important?
      6. How Is It Different For Facebook Ads?
    2. What To Write First
    3. Cold vs Retargeting Ad Copy
      1. Cold Audience
      2. Retargeting Audiences
    4. The Most Effective Copywriting Formulas
      1. The 4 Copywriting Formulas Every Copywriter Must Know
    5. The Anatomy of a Facebook Ad
      1. Description
      2. Headlines
      3. Creatives
      4. Body Copy
    6. Writing A High-Converting Body Copy
      1. The 5 Effective Copywriting Angles
      2. Handling Potential Objections/Roadblocks
    7. The Mindset You Need When Writing Copy For FB Ads
  3. How To Write High-Converting Copy
    1. The 17 Powerful Techniques To Writing High-Converting Copy
      1. Use Your Market’s Language
      2. Focus On Your Potential Customers
      3. Features + Benefits
      4. Specificity Is Key
      5. Write Conversationally
      6. Don’t Make False Claims
      7. Target Their Emotions
      8. Focus On One
      9. The “Slippery Slide”
      10. The “So What?” Method
      11. The “5 Whys” Technique
      12. Use Simple Language And Short Paragraphs
      13. Use Emojis
      14. Proofread your copy
      15. Us vs. Them
      16. Use Reviews/Testimonials For Credibility
      17. Read Out Loud
  4. How To Write Disruptive Headlines
    1. Long Headline Or Short Headline?
    2. The 10 Attention-Grabbing Headline Frameworks
      1. Use Power Words
      2. Call Them Out
      3. Show Them The Escape Route
      4. Begin With The End In Mind
      5. Remind Them Of Their Pain
      6. Stand Out
      7. Be Specific
      8. Abuse Scarcity
      9. Use FOMO
      10. Emojis
    1. Common Reasons Why Ads Get Disapproved
      1. Personal Attributes
      2. False Claims
      3. Show Them The Escape Route
      4. Before And After Creatives
      5. Don’t Cheat The System
    2. Links You Should Bookmark
  6. What’s Next
    1. The One Sentence Persuasion Course by Blair Warren
    2. How To Get Better Fast
      1. Go Through This Course Again, And Again, And Again
      2. Put More Thought And Effort Into Your Copy
      3. Write Every Day
      4. Get Feedback, Test, And Analyze The Results
      5. Learn How To Leverage Your Market Research
    3. Before You Go, I Just Want To Say…

Now this is only the main book. There are also 4 bonuses :

  • Read This When You Can’t Think Of Anything To Write
  • Tools To Write Effective Headlines
  • Tips To Safely Run FB Ads
  • Ad Account Naming Convention Guide


Here’s a great quote from Make them convert on why you should spend time learning copywriting:

Why Is Copywriting Important?

If you have a product that solves problems, and you’re not
selling it well (because your copy sucks), then you’re doing a
disservice to your market.

Because if your ideal customers don’t get your product,

they’re going to…
– Stay stuck in their current state
– Lose hope to ever find a solution like yours
– Keep struggling with their pains and problems
– Weak copy literally deprives someone from the opportunity of living a better life.
So learn how to write great copy and start bringing a positive impact to the world.

As you can see this is quite a big course with a couple of bonuses as well. There is also more bonuses coming. You’ll have full access to those too.

You’ll learn

  • The 5 levels of market awareness – Who is ready to buy and who is not.
  • How and where to do market research + how to do competitive research
  • Defining your Avatar (The persona of the buyer)
  • How to advertise depending on what level of market sophistication they are.
  • How to get the customers who has “heard it all” using your unique mechanism.
  • How to set up the FB ad:
    • Headline
    • Body copy
    • Creative
    • Description
    • CTA
  • Books to read for further knowledge
  • It doesn’t stop here…

You’ll understand the essential correlation betweet benefits and features. Here’s a peak inside that chapter:

Features are the facts, specs, and characteristics of an offer that
are useful to the users. These are the technical aspects that
your offer has. And these are what enable the users to achieve

That something is called a benefit… but what is a benefit?

Benefits are what the features can do for its users. In other words,
benefits are the results or outcomes that the users experience
because of the offer.

They answer the question: “What’s in it for me?”

Let’s press on.

Imagine buying a book.

Would you buy it because of (feature) the number of
pages it has?

Or because of (benefit) it makes you smarter and better than
everyone else?

The latter, right?

Here’s why:

People don’t naturally buy a product because of its
“great” features.

They buy a product because of its benefits (the transformation)
and the deep-rooted emotions that come with it.

So be customer-centric, not product-centric.

I know what you’re thinking.

“If people buy because of the transformation a product gives
them, why do features matter?”

Well, here’s why:
Features act as proof to your benefits. They back up
your claims.

Features add substance. They give your product credibility.
Features give necessary information. They provide context.
Features are logical. Benefits are emotional.

Put them together and you’ve got a powerful tool of persuasion.


There’s also great tempelets that you can use for your own ads:

    • Offer + Market + Competitive Research
    • Your Features And Benefits
    • Creating Your Customer Avatar

We really endorse Make Them Convert: The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter.
As far as we’ve seen, This is the best course on the market about Facebook ads copywriting.

Mark is working on a V2 that will be insane! This will most likely raise the price quite a bit!
You’ll of course have access to it for free if you buy already.


Make Them Convert: The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter


Do you struggle to write high-converting ads that interrupt, shock, and convert your audience?

Do you stare at a blank screen for hours frustrated, not knowing what to write?

Or do you want to learn how to unlock the minds of your customers to know EXACTLY what’s going on inside their heads so you can sell to them like candy to a baby?

If you said YES to any of these, keep reading because this course is designed specifically for you.

Make Them Convert gives you the tools you need to write 6-7 figure Facebook ads – even if you have no background in writing copy.

This course is the byproduct of over $10,000,000 ad spend that myself and my agency have managed to scale a dozen businesses to 7 figures through Facebook ads.

And in the last 5 months, we’ve condensed all our knowledge into this inclusive, simple-to-use course so you can explode your results on Facebook by simply writing better copy.


This course is for you if you are:

👉 An ad agency owner who’s losing clients left and right because of unprofitable ad copy and want life-changing results for their clients and their own business.

👉 A freelancer who wants to start a lucrative agency through writing highly profitable copy but doesn’t know where to start.

👉 A business owner who writes his/her own ads and wants to make significantly more money from them.

If you’re any of the above, or you just want to learn the foundations of learning high converting ad copy, this is for you!

Now, you probably know me, but if not – you might be asking who I am.


Let me introduce myself . . .

Hi, I’m Mark William.

I’m the managing director of Axiscale, a Facebook ads agency that specializes in scaling eCom businesses.

I’ve managed over $10,000,000 on ads and I’ve helped scale a dozen businesses to 7 figures a year.

And in just minutes, you’ll learn why this course is the key you need to make more money with Facebook Ads.

But first, let me tell you a story.

Before starting my own agency, I was a freelance copywriter and content writer, and I worked full-time in a startup Facebook ads agency.

Back then, we didn’t have any copywriters on our team.

So I had to learn how to write copy all while running ads for clients.

I didn’t have the courses, programs, and coaching that I have now (I’ve spent over $40k in the last 2 years for these.)

I struggled to look for information about copywriting and had to waste countless hours with scattered tidbits over the internet, when I could have just found it (and more) in one place.

I lost A LOT of money in the beginning simply because I didn’t know how to write copy.

But I didn’t give up.

I kept practicing.

I wrote copy every day for two years.

And I spent 70% of my earnings on training.

I tested ads, analyzed their performance, and constantly made tweaks to improve my results.

Copywriting didn’t only help me learn how to market our client’s products/services…

It helped me understand how people think – what excited them, what made them tick, and what kept them up at night.

As a result, I was able to deliver WAY better results with my ads.

And I became confident enough to start my own FB advertising agency with…Click The Image Below to See The Rest of The Description


Make Them Convert: The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter
Make Them Convert: The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter


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