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It only takes a few pages before this course got you hooked!

Pinterest Guide 2020 edition is perfect when you want to maximize your growth online and learn all there is to know about the Pinterest world.

It gives such a unique insight to the actual world of Pinterest where the author shares everything from the basics to the best tricks that he used himself to walk down the road of success.

The course filled with a ton of important information that you absolutely need to know but what separates it from others is that the advice isn’t the same as the ones you could find on a quick google search.

It’s firsthand knowledge from someone who made it!

It is easy to read and follow along and comes with great video material.




Maximize your growth online to receive new subscribers and increase your brand exposure. Without having to spend tons of money and time every single day on marketing.

Pinterest is a not-so-social platform that is growing at astounding rates, and their monthly viewership is over 250 million users. I am going to teach you how to tap into that and create a brand that is well-known and respected on the Internet.

With the help of Pinterest, you can move your website’s search results from page 22 to page 1 and find readers who are actually interested in your work.

No more will you wonder how to drive qualified traffic to your website or online store. All the answers are inside.

Everything you will need to know to brand to millions of people, create new leads for your business every day, and improve your website’s visibility.

Earning money online has never been easier with new plugins to increase sales and subscriber counts, premium advertisers with higher payouts, and effortless growth.

It’s time to expand beyond your current market by tapping into an up-and-coming platform.




In early 2018, the power of Pinterest was realized and less than a year later I learned how I could leverage my Pinterest account and my website to make $28,000 in just three months.

I pushed my website hard and tested the limits of the platform daily – which lead to my inevitable ban from Pinterest in early December.

However, I learned valuable lessons from the up-and-coming social giant, and I’m re-running tweaked techniques on a new website to avoid getting banned once more.

My time spent on Pinterest from January 2018 to December 2018 brought me over 33,000 followers, 2,000,000 website hits, 8,000 subscribers, and 6,000,000,000 eyes to my brand.

Plus, the $28,000 for my efforts.

The time has come to accomplish these feats once more, and I’m going to teach you how to do the same – safely, efficiently, and without the pitfalls.




+ 6-Part Pinterest Video Segment: Crash Course For Noobs

+ 2-Part Modern Graphics Guide: Marketing For Your Brand

+ 24-Minute Breakdown Of The Process: Old Method Of Cracking $10K/mo

+ Skyrocketing Growth: Watch Your Competition Self-Destruct (Book)


+ Revisions To Old Technique/New Tips

+ Advertiser(s) Approval Information

+ Social Media Optimization

+ Error Solutions: Suspended?

+ Best Plugins For WordPress Websites

+ Private Livestreams & Discord Private Chat

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Pinterest Guide | 2020 Edition


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