React from Zero


What we think of React from Zero:

The book is devided into two parts.
Part 1 = page 1 – 85
Part 2 = Page 86 – 167

In the first part you’ll learn about 80% of the day-to-day tasks in React.
Most of the work with React is building simple components and nest them together

In part 2 you’ll learn to restructure your code, improve quality and use advaced techniques to solve a particulare problem.

You’ll Learn about:
Viritual dome
React elements and components
And alot more

There are questions after each chapter to make sure you understand what the chapter has been about. If you don’t know the answers, then go back and read the chapter again to make sure that you understand it fully.

Here’s some key lessons from the book:
How to:

  • Pass strings, functions, numbers, objects and other types into the props
  • Nest components into each other
  • Use babel to compile down JSX to regular javascript function calls
  • Refactor element and component structures
  • Integrate third party libraries
  • Write automated tests
  • Use basic and advanced lifecycle methods



BASIC PACKAGE: PDF, ePub, Mobi and Sample Code
20 Chapters // 170+ pages // Complete code
FULL PACKAGE: PDF, ePub, Mobi, Sample Code and Video* 
20 Chapters // 170+ pages // Complete code // Video


Learning React doesn’t have to be complicated.

Does React feel like a mystical black box? Have you felt overwhelmed trying to React when there are so many missing pieces?

The goal with this book is to demystify React and connect it to “everyday” JavaScript. In this short book we’re going to start from the bottom and work our way up.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a strong foundation on which to build more sophisticated React apps.


* What is React About?

* Using Object Elements

* Creating Elements with the Element Factory

* JSX Makes Life Easier

* Nested Elements Allow Composition

* Components Are Dynamic Elements

* Properties Let Us Configure Components

* Property Types Validate Inputs

* Nested Components

* Component Classes

* Lifecycle Methods

* Example Application

* A Virtual DOM Primer

* More Lifecycle Methods

* Refactoring Components

* Refs

* Third-party Library Integrations

* Advanced Library Integrations

* Unit Testing

* ES2015 and React….See Product by pressing the image below.


React from Zero


To be able to understand React from Zero you need to know HTML and JavaScript.
See How to Become a Web Developer: A Field Guide if you don’t!


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