Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram

Learn how to scrape instagram emails in this fantastic course.



What We Think of Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram:

Another perfect course by @BlackhatWizard. Easy, profitable and quick!
As always with Daniel, there’s only 5-star reviews.

This is what you can expect from this course:

  • 5 videos that shows you exactly how you can make a living by scraping emails from Instagram.
  • A document describing how to scrape instagram emails.
  • What tools is needed.

You’ll get a full walkthrough of how to scrape emails from Instagram and how to use the different tools that’s required.

The Videos are:

  1. IG Scraping: Introduction
  2. IG Scraping: Setting up software
  3. IG Scraping: Scraping
  4. IG Scraping: Pitching clients
  5. IG Scraping: New Software

Plus the Sheet that explains in text:

IG Scraping: Instagram Scraping Content


In the description below you’ll find out exactly what is included in this course.

We Highly recommend getting the upgraded version to also include Cold Email Mastery.

All in all, This is a fantastic course and easy way to learn how to scrape emails from instagram to make money.


Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram

Every week this company pays me $200 to scrape email addresses from Instagram.

I pre-scrape all of the emails and deliver them every Thursday. Meaning I do almost absolutely nothing.


Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram

Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram

One of the guys I did this for posted my service in a Facebook group. I made $1,500 that week, and then he made a $1,000 order himself.

If you do what I say, you’ll connect with killers like that.


Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram

What you’ll learn

✅ What software to use & how to automate the process.

✅ Setting up the tech.

✅ How to pitch clients.

✅ How to deliver the service to clients.

✅ How to price the service.

✅ How to up-sell other services.

If you do exactly what I say, you should sign a client within 45 days.


Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram

If you do everything I say and don’t manage to sign a client, I will refund 100% of your money.

If this service gets too saturated, I’m removing this course.

I don’t want you stealing my clients. And neither do the other students.

So if you want to make money with this hyper-niched service, I suggest you pull the trigger now.

Click the image below to start earning easy money

Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram
Make $200/week Scraping Emails from Instagram
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