The 12 Pillars Of Self-Discipline


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Learn The 12 Pillars Of Self-Discipline By Understanding The Fundamentals Of Discipline That Your Parents, School System and Society Hasn’t Taught You.


Dear Reader,
How long has it been since you stopped trying to make a positive change in your life because you didn’t have the discipline to do so?
The change that you know will help you break free from the average life and live according to your grand vision.
Why did you stop?
Good question.
You stopped because you didn’t know how to properly create a sustainable form of discipline.
The skill of self-discipline.
The skill to make you recognize that:
You have the ability to create the results that you desire.
You are much stronger than you actually give yourself credit for.
But, you’ve never been taught the best way to create this self-discipline.
You’ve been backsliding.
And you’ve been taking one step forward and two steps back.
Learning how to create self-discipline will help you break free of this destructive pattern.

“You wrote this book in a way that mixes facts with experience and creates a knowledgable experience that people want to relate to.
This book tells you exactly what you need to do, and for some such as myself, makes you want to start finding your vision and values as soon as you finish the book. I can tell that this book will have a great impact on me as I reach my full potential. Thank you again.” – @mivnnv


“This book is really great actually!” – @N_adiiJ


“I started following you because your tweets resonated so deeply with me. Other times a tweet of yours would pop into my news feed with an eery relevance to a current situation in my life. Your tweets give me hope, in this weird way.” – Hannah (@peasouttahere)

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The 12 Pillars Of Self-Discipline

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