The Art of Twitter: A Guide to Building Your Twitter Account


What we think of The Art of Twitter: A Guide to Building Your Twitter Account:

It’s a no-brainer to NOT buy this if you want to start growing your Twitter account. Just for buying this book you get to try out SmarterQueue for 2 months and Zlappo for 3 months.

That’s $64 you will get just for buying this book. And then don’t forget all the information inside the book! That’s where you will find the most value.

Inside the book you will find a bunch of useful information. You will learn how to set up your Twitter bio to make sure that you get followers.
You’ll also get to learn the do’s and don’ts of tweeting. You will see how you’re expecting to grow if you are using this technique and when to start automating the tweets.
If you want to start an online business and use Twitter, then you need to understand how it works.

The Art of Twitter: A Guide to Building Your Twitter Account is a very good guide for both beginners and more experienced Twitter users.


Do you want to start an online business but can’t figure out how?

No matter what the skills and products you’re trying to sell, the first step is always building an audience.

You can’t have a business or hope to make any sales if you don’t have *leads*. And the simplest way to get leads is to build a nice audience on social media – and Twitter is perfect for exactly that.

If you want to start an online business, promote an existing business, or just get readers to your blog or website – YOU NEED TO BE ON TWITTER.

The Art of Twitter is a guide to help you grow your Twitter account from scratch i.e. from 0 followers to 10,000 followers and beyond without spending a single penny on advertising or retweets.


Why you should listen to me?

Simply put, this guide has been around for some time now (you get all the updates for free, forever) and has helped many people get to 10,000 real, engaged followers (you can see some of their reviews below).

Some information about the author:

I started my Twitter journey on 18th May, 2018 because I needed a platform to promote my blog. Today (as of July 2020), I have over 170,000 followers. You can go ahead and verify that at twitter.com/LifeMathMoney

I’ve grown other accounts from scratch as well, such as @48_quotes and @bookofpook – which are completely automated and have tens of thousands of their own followers. Passive accounts alone bring me many thousands of US dollars each month in passive income.

In this guide, I will share with you everything I’ve learnt about Twitter growth and monetization over the years and the “formulas” that worked for me so you too can grow and monetize your accounts quickly.

If you are starting completely from scratch and stick to it, you can get to $100 a day in side income in a year.

(Assuming you have something to sell. You can’t have a business without selling something. But fear not, we will teach you how to you can monetize your account via other ways too, like affiliate marketing. If you build an audience, it’s almost impossible to not make money.)

There is literally no reason to not be tapping into the Internet’s scale, networking, and monetary potential in this day and age.


Will you teach me secret growth hacks?


Firstly, there are no secrets or real growth hacks, neither anywhere else nor in this guide.

Everything in here you can figure out for yourself by spending 3 – 6 months Tweeting by yourself.

The objective of this guide is not to give you any special techniques or tricks or “hacks”, but to cut down on that 3 months of “I don’t know what I’m doing”. 

This guide will save you ~150 hours of learning by trial and error.

However, this does not mean that there are any “swallow-pill-and-cured” type ideas in here. If you are expecting some sort of secret trick or hack or magic spell – you will be disappointed.

The Art of Twitter contains a working strategy from someone who has done it before – many times over.

Think of it as a book by a mountain climber telling you how to climb a mountain (and what to watch out for and what to carry on the climb ;)) – it gives you a major head-start over someone figuring it out from scratch via trial and error, but by no means does reading a book make you a mountain climber.

You will still need to go to a mountain and climb to learn – it’s just that your efforts will be FAR more productive from the get go.

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The Art of Twitter: A Guide to Building Your Twitter


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