The Best Way to Say It: How to Write Anything From Blogs to Books with Epic Persuasion

The best Way to Say It will change your life!
Learn to write with ease by following the 2-step workflow cheat sheet.

You don’t need any advance writing skills to master writing.
This is it!



What We Think of The Best Way to Say It:


The Best Way to Say It is THE game changer.

alfway through, the realization dawned on me. The whole website, every product-description, and every blog post needs to be re-written. Everything must now follow this method.

The course is that powerful!

Writing can be a system where you create incredible texts without having a hard time.  

Your prior writing skills are pointless.

You follow the cheat sheet.

It’s easy!

The Best Way to Say It teaches you to master the written word. 
It’s a system you can implement within 24 hours. Your writing sessions will be pleasing and effortless.

You’re given a cheat sheet with the structure to follow.

Structuring your copy is crucial.
You must say the right thing at the right time, while the reader understands exactly what you imply. 

When the process is followed.
The readers eyes flow along the text, as a slinky going down the stairs.
Every word does heavy lifting to provide insight and lead the reader onto the next sentence.

The Best Way to Say It has more than eight hours of video material.

They include: 

  1. VIDEO – Intro – How to Get the Most out of This 
  2. VIDEO – Part 1 – Restructure for Perfect Flow 
  3. VIDEO – Part 2 – Refine for Maximal Persuasion 
  4. BONUS: How to Get Clients Online the Stupid-Easy Way 
  5. BONUS: Watch Me Edit Ed Latimore’s Personal Development Chapter 
  6. BONUS: Watch Me Edit a Healthcare Industry Article 
  7. BONUS: Watch Me Edit a Software Lead Gen Email 
  8. BONUS: Watch Me Edit a Leadership Article 
  9. BONUS: How to Write a Competition-Killing Bio 
  10. BONUS: Product-Market-Copy Fit ft. IdeaMarkets.org 
  11. BONUS: The Best Way to Sell It – Sales Page Case Study

In many of these videos you follow Joshua live as he’s editing articles and other texts.
There’s also transcripts and audio files for the most important videos.

The amount of information found in this course is astonishing. The notes I took during the course ended up to 3614 words. When the same information was summarized in sentences it became 27 pages. 
And that’s only the points that were relevant for me and this review.

Here’s a piece of what you will learn

How to:

  • Know when you should explain basics – You don’t want to insult the readers intelligence.
  • Shorten sentences while putting more information in there – Addition by subtraction!
  • Speak directly to the readers subconscious with hypnosis techniques.
  • Remove adverbs – Choose a verb strong enough to speak for itself.
  • Hack the tired mind – Prevent readers from getting drowsy.
  • Write accurate and visual – Visual is persuasive.
  • Write a killing bio – And what NOT to do.
  • Add insight instead of information.
  • Remove all repetitions and echoes.
  • Use line editing with simplicity.

There’s no way to include all the knowledge this course has, without writing several pages of text, and this review is not for that. Instead, there will be a blog post about it later as well

You won’t be left hanging though.

Here’s a quick tip.

Write words you can visualize. For instance, don’t say it’s “very loud. It’s just “loud”.
If that doesn’t explain the sound, change the word.

Is it loud? Or is it piercing? Do the sound hurt your ears? Do you feel the boom in the chest like fireworks?

Make sure the word paints a picture in the readers mind.

Now let me introduce the mastermind behind this course.

Who is Joshua Lisec?


Joshua Lisec is the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 International bestselling certified professional ghostwriter.  

He’s one of only 50 certified ghostwriters alive with the highest education you can possibly receive in the field.

He has done a TEDx talk as well as being a ghostwriter of other TED- and TEDx speakers.

He has written books in almost every niche, from hypnosis to business fable fiction. He’s even publicly recommended by best selling author Scott Adams.

The students love this course, and the statistics proves it. With more than 500 copies sold and 7 weeks of at least one sale per day. All with perfect 5-star reviews. This is now one of our top recommended courses as well. 

Joshua learned early on that the best lessons are caught, not taught.

Now, he’s showing us what he has caught during his career.

After finishing this course there is no need to hire a ghostwriter for anything.

Now imagine if you knew how to write persuasive. How would it be like if your readers did what you want them to do? They click your links, subscribe when you tell them to, and buys what you’re selling.

What if your words could do that?

Sure, you can express what you mean right now. But after watching just a piece of this, you’ve found a better way to say it. 

And when you’ve finished the course. Guess what?

You’ve found the best way to say it

There’s no more overwriting and underexplaining. 

Your message is clear.

Now that you know what we think of this course and what it includes.

It’s time to check out the testimonials.

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The Best Way to Say It: How to Write Anything From Blogs to Books with Epic Persuasion

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