The Massive List of Freelance Writing Opportunities


What do we think of The Massive List of Freelance Writing Opportunities?

To collect a list like this is really original.
It is a great list of websites where you can go to look for your next freelance job.
If you are a freelancer then you will delinitly find a good website in this list.
This list has more than 125 websites, making it hard NOT to find a suitable website that you can use to make money.


What’s the best thing about Freelance Writing?

  • If you have a laptop or a computer…
  • If you can write at a 4th grade (i.e. a 10-11 year old reading age) level…
  • If you know how to use a spelling and grammar checker…

You can earn $$$ from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

But it can be difficult to know where to find clients or where to pitch your amazing story idea when you’re just starting out.

That is unless you’ve got a copy of:


This handy 24-page guide has been fully updated in June 2020 and includes another 50 links – that’s over 175 in total – to every website, freelancer platform, job board, and freelance-friendly-magazine you could possibly need in order to find freelance writing work.

It will:

  • save you hours of research
  • show you just how easy it is to find your first paid writing job… if you only knew where to look
  • open your eyes to just some of the hundreds of opportunities there are for you to make money from freelance writing

What is included in the guide?

  • 175 different links that even the least experienced freelance writer can use to find potential paid work.
  • 20+ job boards
  • 10 content mills
  • 8+ portfolio and agency sites
  • 10+ freelancing platforms
  • 120+ contributor websites covering 15 different niches (inc. parenting, pets, business & finance, technology, and sports).

Who is this guide for?

  • Anybody who is considering freelance writing but has no experience
  • Anybody who has tried to break into freelance writing before but didn’t know where or how to find regular work
  • Anybody looking for an easy way to make money while traveling
  • Anybody wanting to earn an online income without having to learn new, complex skills
  • Anybody who wants a way to make money from home

Don’t waste any more time. 

If you are serious about freelance writing.
If you want to start making money THIS WEEK.

Then you need a copy of The Massive List.

See The Product by pressing the image below



The Massive List of Freelance Writing Opportunities
The Massive List of Freelance Writing Opportunities


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