The Ultimate Zazzle Designer’s Course

The Ultimate Zazzle Designer’s Course show you how to create a e-commerce store within 2 days. This easy-to-follow course will leave you with the knowledge to build a store that can almost run itself.

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This awsome Zazzle guide is really motivating to read!
It’s a step by step guide that you should follow while you’re reading. If you do this then you’ll have a functual store within two hours.
The guide is a collection of all lessons and tips from three years of hard work and many lessons learned.
It’s as easy to follow as it is to create the store with the help in this guide.
You’ll not only get to know what to do but you’ll also get to know what not to do and why. This will likely save you a lot of time from making the same mistakes.
You’ll also be able to join a group of people who are also working with Zazzle!
If you want to start selling print on demand products, this is for you!


Imagine waking up one morning and finding out that you’ve made an extra $10, $50, even $100 while you were sleeping


The secret: Zazzle, a Print on Demand company!

Are you looking to build a solid passive income stream online?

One where you don’t have to hold on to any inventory?

A platform that is legitimately free to use?


Many people say that they want to make income online, secondary to their regular income:

  • To help pay bills
  • Increase income
  • Start investing the extra
  • Feel more secure

The problem though is that most people either don’t know where to start, and then they do not take action.

And then when they finally do take action, they quit before their effort begins to see the results.

The Solution: The Ultimate Zazzle Designer’s Course

This course has everything you need to get started creating an online income by selling designs and products on Zazzle.

My name is Chris and I am the founder and owner of Money Savvy Mindset. It’s a money blog dedicated to helping others get better with managing their money and increasing their income.

In March of 2017 I opened my very first Zazzle store WITH NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER!

When I first started I truly did not know what I was doing.

Over the course of the next year I learned, adapted, and ultimately built a solid passive income stream through the print on demand platform, Zazzle.

In fact, at the time of this writing I have had 27 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS where a Zazzle check has been deposited to my bank account!

April%202020%20Zazzle%20Income%20Chart Ensure Growth

This income source has allowed me to:

  • Feel less stressed
  • Invest more
  • Get closer to financial freedom

It took me MONTHS of trial and error to crack the code, and I am going to teach you how to do it in just a few hours’ time (This Course)!

I’m going to outline tried and proven ways to successfully create a Zazzle store.


Who is this course NOT for:

  • Those who have already found success on Zazzle (it is unlikely that this course will help you further)
  • Those who are not willing to take action and dedicate time to building up your own Zazzle Store
  • Those looking for overnight success or a “get rich quick” deal
  • Those looking for a “done for you” kind of deal

Who is this course for:

  • Newbies to Zazzle!
  • The average individual looking to supplement their regular income
  • Perfect for stay-at-home parents looking to make some money
  • Bloggers looking to add an additional income stream to their offerings (sell products to your audience)
  • Those who have tried other Print on Demand platforms and wish to expand their offerings (easily!)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Those who are willing to take ACTION to become successful!

Here is what I will cover in this course to ensure that you are set up for success, as a beginner!

  • Setting Up Your Zazzle Store
  • Creating Quality Designs
  • Tips for Creating Quality Products
  • The In’s & Outs of Titles, Tags, & Descriptions
  • Categories & Collections (Getting Bulk Orders)
  • Top Selling Products
  • Highlighting Key New Zazzle Features
  • Design Resources
  • & Much more!

But That’s Not All! What Else Is included?

I am adding in a couple of…See Full Description by pressing the image below.


The Ultimate Zazzle Designer's Course


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Start a Successfull E-Commerce Store In 2 Days With Zazzle