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What we think of Twitter Cash Flow:

I thought EnsureGrowth had enough twitter products, That nothing more could be said.
Then I read Twitter Cash Flow.
I was WRONG!

Twitter Cash Flow opened up a whole new subcategory in the Twitter section.

Twitter Cash Flow is so big that it actually needs an own blog post to review what you’ll get when you buy this bundle.

Buying this you’ll recieve six (6!) books plus five different checklists.
Those are:


  • Money Twitter Game Plan ( 72 Pages )
  • Twitter eBooks Done Right ( 55 Pages )
  • Gumroad Sleep Money ( 46 Pages )
  • Words That Sell ( 29 Pages )
  • Tweet And Get Seen ( 23 Pages )
  • Gumroad Sales Blueprint ( 59 Pages ) * Upgrade.*


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Gumroad’s Workflow For Free Products
  • Gumroad’s Workflow For Paid Products
  • Product Launch
  • Twitter Profile Optimization


That’s 284 pages of highly valuable information you’ll recieve here.
The angle on this bundle is something I haven’t seen before and it will be the blueprint for many peoples strategies.

As soon as the blog page is ready there will be full details on Twitter Cash Flow, but for now there’s too much to include here.

If you’re trying to grow on Twitter and you want to do it by creating a product, Then Twitter Cash Flow is for you!




Start a Twitter side-hustle and bring extra income every week

You see…

9 months ago, I was just like you.

I knew social media was THE BIG THING, but I took no action.

Fear, doubt, insecurities…

Everything was taking the best out of me.

I was afraid of failing, afraid of producing bad content, afraid that people wouldn’t follow me.

At some point, I got sick of it and I just said F*** it.

I made a deal with myself.

I would dedicate a whole year to growing a Twitter account and try to monetize my expertise. (I had been studying online marketing for a while and had built two successful consulting groups on Telegram)

6 months in and I had made over $10k in sales.


By using reverse-engineer on what was working on the space.

All I had to do was connect the dots and do it myself.

Worked like WONDER.

It wasn’t easy, I struggled to find the right dots…

But I managed to separate the wheat from the chaff.

And then?

Well then, I simply created a process that I could follow that would allow me to get paid to sell my knowledge.

This course works.

It worked for me, it works for my students, and it will work for you.

Here’s a winning process for you to make money:

  1. Create content around a specific niche
  2. Learn the methods that drive the biggest amount of followers
  3. Figure out what your audience wants you to build
  4. Use a proven system to launch your offer successfully
  5. Automate the whole sales system

Honestly, it’s not that hard, but it takes time and persistence.

It just takes time to:

  • Build a following
  • Create a winning offer
  • Created an automated email series that sells.

That’s where I can help you because I know what works.

I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, and I’ve taught it with great success.

Included in Twitter Cash Flow:

Chapter 1 – Build a loyal, hungry to buy audience of raving fans just like the top 10% accounts on Twitter – Cost on its own (Based on other offers): $47

Chapter 2 – Write, launch, and promote your eBooks like the pros. (Learn how to build something that people are already ready to pay) – Cost on its own (Based on other offers): $27

Chapter 3 – Advanced strategies to automate your sales process using simple emails (Set up once, let it run forever) – Cost on its own (based on other offers): $37

Chapter 4 (Locked on the basic version) – Optimize your Gumroad products page for maximum conversions with my simple-to-follow roadmap. (Dangerous in the wrong hands, so please use it ethically) – Cost on its own (no similar offers found): $27

Here are some extra “pro playbook moves” to give you an edge that I want to offer you for free:

Bonus #1 – Discover the best tweet formats that ALL the pros use to create predictable viral tweets – Cost on its own (Based on other offers): $17

Bonus #2 – Lifetime access to our mastermind Telegram group where I share more insider secrets – Cost on its own (Based on other offers): $47

Bonus #3 – Business Flow Blueprint – There’s a lot of information inside, and I don’t want you to get lost in the process. I’ve included a simple to follow-through blueprint that you can use anytime that you feel lost.


Most courses out there will not make you successful. That’s because you will have forgotten half of the information once you’re done reading them.

I don’t want that to happen with you.

Pay attention to these next lines…

As you can see, this isn’t just a simple eBook.

This is a complete masterclass that will take you from ZERO to having your own Twitter-based business.

You will not find a more complete offer around here.

But this isn’t for everyone…

If you’re looking to get a quick buck, you might be lucky but…

Chances are that you will NOT make money right away if you’re still getting started…

I don’t want to fool or deceive you, the information contained in this Bundle is NOT miraculous…

And if you’re not an action taker, don’t spend your money on this!!!

It will not:

  • Make you rich overnight
  • Build your business alone
  • Grow your Twitter account without work, time, and consistency


If you don’t possess:

  • A specific skill that can solve an audience problem or a specific skill that can fulfill an audience desire.
  • Tenacity to persist through the early process.
  • The will to create a good and worthy offer.

Then this is not for you.

Look at some students real resultsSee Full Description by pressing the image below.


Twitter Cash Flow
Twitter Cash Flow



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