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The Growth Coalition: A Scam Or A Fantastic Teacher?

Why am I writing this review on TGC?

A while back there were some questions about TGCs legitimicy.
Was it scamming people out of their money or was it a good way to start making connections and learning twitter?
I wanted to know and I decided to get inside the group and find out for myself.

The Growth Coalition: A Scam Or A Fantastic Teacher?
The Growth Coalition: A Scam Or A Fantastic Teacher?

Entering The Growth Coalition And Using The Platform

It starts off pretty normal for any twitter guide. It’s the usual tips about

  • know your niche and subniche
  • focus on how you can help others
  • study bigger accounts
  • pinned tweets
  • fix your header, bio etc…

Then something unusual happens.
You get to see a chart of what happened when Dallen tweets outside of his niches and the consequences it has.
It was interesting to see actually!

Then you’re supposed to go through your “Following” list and unfollow anybody:

  • Who isn’t or can’t help you reach your goal
  • Who you don’t interact with often You should also start using different emojis to signal what level in TGC you’re at.
At stage 2 you’d get to join the TGC platform.

Here’s what makes it worth it. At least that’s my opinion!
Right now, there are five products that you get an exclusive discount on. Buying any one of these on discount and you’ve gotten back at least 1 month of the cost of TGC. There are also 3 automation tools that you’d get discount on. Not as big as the products but still a very nice touch.

There are 13 different niche topics where you can talk to others who’s interested in the same niches as you. It feels pretty empty there though. I was the first one to write in some of them.

So, what should you do in stage 2?

  1. Make a list of 3-5 people on TGC with >1k followers
  2. Get inside a couple RT groups
  3. Connect with 10 people inside TGC

After doing this you’ll be getting your own affiliate link.
It’s clear that few members are using TGC platform to talk to each other.
You’re able to follow each other and the person who has the most followers (that I’ve seen) has 16. Dallen have 14.
That doesn’t have to mean anything. They can connect and talk somewhere else instead though.

How successful you are in stage 2 is depending on how much you engage with others. Nobody is going to find you there unless you tell them you’re there and you start talking to them.

Moving on to stage 3

Here’s some more tips on what to do on twitter.
At this stage I got an email that said I’d get an reward for leaving a 5-star review. Not sure how to feel about that but this is why people have a hard time trusting raitings. Also TGC now has 35 5-star reviews.
Update 7/8 TGC now has 73 5-star reviews.
I’ve now written in every niche topic and introduced myself. We’ll see what happens.
*48 hours later. I’ve received

  • 1 DM on Twitter
  • 13 notifications in the platform
  • 5 replies

I’ve written 16 posts and replies and are now in the first place of ”engagement for the week”.
This tells me there is not much talking going on here. That doesn’t have to be bad though. It could only be a meeting spot like a Silvano told me.

The Growth Coalition: A Scam Or A Fantastic Teacher?

I haven’t responded in posts from other people though, only in my own.
TGC has 173 members at the time of me joining.

The discounts found on the platform are a fantastic idea. Dallen is making a deal with the creators to sell their products for a lesser price to his members.

If you want to buy:

  • The Affiliates Playbook | Save $30.55
  • The Ecom Diet: | save $51.33
  • Make It Stick | Save $20
  • Twitter Cash Flow | Save $29.25
  • Twitterpreneur * Coming soon | Free
  • The affiliate club * Coming soon
  • Zlappo | Save 25% monthly
  • SocialBee | Save 20% Monthly, 1 year at most
  • Hypefury | first month free

Then you’ll save money by joining TGC.

  • The Growth Coalition
  • The Growth Coalition

There are also challenges for all members every month. The winners get something called “Coalition Coins”. They can be redeemed them for Amazon gift cards.

My Final Thoughts

I haven’t finished all steps in TGC.
To finish stage 3 you need to wait 28 days and be consistent with the checklist. What you’ll get after these 28 days is 60% instead of 50% on affiliate sales.
*I left before I was there 28 days*

The success you will find in TGC is only dependent on how much you engage with others. Both inside TGC and outside.
You must also follow the tips and guidelines you get.

If you don’t engage with the other users, then this is only a beginner guide to use twitter.
If you don’t follow the guides, then this is only a paid engagement group with discounts.

To use TGC with success, you need to finish all tasks and engage with the members. Both on the platform and on Twitter.
There is nobody following you on twitter for joining TGC. You need to make yourself seen and have something to say.

The Verdict

This is a good place to start for any beginner who wants to use twitter for making money or get a big account.
I like the idea of TGC for beginners and I wouldn’t call it a scam. It’s not what you’d expect though.
Plus you’ll get a bunch of discounts!

You get a lot of tips and other useful information that you need. Sure, you can collet the information elsewhere and even for free. It would take some time to find it and you will get bad information on the way there. But you can.
That’s why I never tell anybody to try to find it on their own. Find someone who knows the path and follow it.

PS. I reached out to Dallen on the platform almost 3 months ago to ask some questions about TGC. No answer yet.

The Growth Coalition: A Scam Or A Fantastic Teacher?

Now we’ve established what it really is and how it works.

We will be adding the product to the site but in the meantime you can check it out
*Afiliate link*

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