Master Campaign Calendar Guide

Master Email Campaigns With a 365 Days Content Calendar Through Master Campaign Calendar Guide!

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  • Thinking of creating a eCommerce email agency
  • Running an email agency
  • Got an eCommerce shop
  • Thinking of creating a eCommerce shop
  • Just interested in knowing more about how email campaigns work or about the Master Campaign Calendar Guide!

If this is you

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One of the most important things for an eCommerce store is a good email game. Email marketing should reflect 20-40% of the total revenue

It’s also one of the most time-consuming tasks to create, especially the campaigns that you need to create every week

If you’re active already you’re probably spending hours on it every month

No more!

If you got an email agency, Imagine:

  • How much more you could charge your clients by filling their content calendar for a year
  • Knowing how the whole year will look without having to come up with new ideas
  • How much time you’ll save on not searching the web for campaign ideas

If you got a store, Imagine:

  • Knowing what works on the audience without having to do A LOT of testing first
  • Not having to pay an agency $5000 per month to do all this work for you
  • Not having to come up with new campaign ideas every week or month

Imagine the value for you!

This is all possible with @ecomchasedimond new Master Campaign Calendar Guide.

It’s a 375 page guide that gives you templates for 96 campaigns. That’s the whole year! 👀
To show how valuable this is, I’ll show you some campaigns below from the guide

This is how easy it’ll be👇

The first campaign is the Free product campaign.

The campaign is explained and you’ll get to see 3 examples of emails made for the same campaign.

Then, Chase explains the examples to give you a better understanding of what you’ve seen. Take a look at the images below to see how it looks.

Every campaign ends with subject lines and preview text examples. These are the ones you can implement straight away!

Here’s the 3 different examples showed above. These are the ones you get an explanation on. Study these closely as they are really good!

The next campaign is the The Blog Campaign or the Newsletter Campaign. It’s the same campaign but it can be split depending on which you do.

Here you get the same thing as in the last campaign. An overview of the campaign, some examples, explained examples and then what to write for subject and preview text.

Now this is just 2 out of 96 campaign templates!

This guide is an extension of his Ecommerce Email Marketing Course

So, if you’ve bought that course, you’re running an email agency or an eCommerce store, you NEED the Master Campaign Calendar Guide!

And what about the price?

Did you think about what value it had for you?

The price could easily be $1000, right? maybe even 2k

The value for you is 10x that each year. Probably more!

No, the price is nowhere near that! At least not yet. It’s still a bargain!

Click here to find out and to view our full thoughts on Campaign Calendar Guide by Chase Dimond 👇

Or just view the testimonials straight away through this partner link!

Master Campaign Calendar Guide

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